Hands-On Labs: Robotics

A Virtual Hands-On Lab Experience

Remotely Control A Robotic Arm To Execute Your Commands In Real Time Using Internet Of Things Technology.

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What will you discover?

Here are some of the things you can explore in our remote Robotics Lab either with your class or on your own, from the comfort of your home!   


Access and control sophisticated hardware in real-time without needing to purchase or build anthing yourself!


Polish and challenge your coding skill      by observing the six-degrees-of-freedom robotic arm executing your commands. 


Machine Learning

Learn about machine learning through implementing your algorithm to physical hardware that is used in many   industies.  


Internet of Things

Learn IoT by playing around with our platform that also rely on IoT to allow realtime control on our lab.  


Hardware Development

Access our open-source lab design to learn about hardware development by actively engaging with the final product.


Artificial Intelligence

Explore the concepts of Artificial Intelligence practically to perform complex tasks on a complex device.  


The future of labs starts here

Laboratories have become an unreachable luxury while it is, in fact, a necessity. So, we made labs available for everyone! Therefore;

  • You can be the administrator of your own lab and pursue your research without breaking a sweat.
  • Observe and control real hardware in real-time and get visual feedback immediately.
  • Find solutions to real-life problems by engaging with tools and collaborating with peers.
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A robotics lab at the tip of your fingers!

Hands-on Labs are within your reach as soon as you follow a couple of easy steps. Register now to get the keys to your institution’s lab!


Register using your institution email address


Book an available time slot through the calendar available on your dashboard


Develop the code that you wish to run on the robotic arm hardware.


Upload your code and observe it being executed on the robotic arm hardware in real-time.